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Offering Local Mobile Services For Those Who Cannot Leave Their Homes or Who Live in Care Facilities!


In addition to our private salon in Neenah, WI, Hair by Serria is proud to offer a mobile service program for customers who live at care facilities or cannot leave their homes due to physical limitations or restrictions. For your convenience we will come to your facility or home and bring all necessary equipment and supplies to you. Hair by Serria is one of the few businesses that can provide this helpful and necessary service, especially during these challenging times. Our only requirements are that you can sit for the period of time it takes to do your service, that you are free of any contagious diseases or afflictions, that you have a caregiver or family member to help you if you have mobility challenges, and that you can provide payment by cash or credit card immediately following your service.

Use the button below to make an appointment, or give us a call and leave a message. We will return your call as soon as we can. Please make sure to explain your situation and list your location and accessibility instructions (i.e. clearance with facility representative if needed, room/apartment number or entrance buzzer name, hours of visitation, or, if homebound, caregiver/family member contact name, telephone number, etc.) so that we will be able to help you without complications.

Use the link below or give us a call at 920-659-8982 to schedule an appointment.


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